Week Notes #32

May 10, 2015

New Arrivals
I added new designs to the Rarities collection and the studio has been crazy busy this week.
Thank you for all your support ♥

The Sad Ghost Club
I'm all about the ghosties lately and I love this tote bag and matching badges by The Sad Ghost Club.

New Camera | SONY Cyber-shot RX100 III
I have been thinking about upgrading and replacing my Canon PowerShot G12 for a while now and after seeing how beautiful the SONY RX100 photographs and films, I kind of fell in love. I'm selling my awesome little G12 on eBay if anyone is looking for bargain.

Wild Wild Life
Last week we went to Elveden Forest and made the most ridiculous vlog yet.

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  1. Giulia5/10/2015

    That tote bag is amazing! I use that kind of bag when I carry with me books or when I go to supermarket :) it is very useful!


  2. I love those posts ! And the tote bag is so lovely



  3. I love your new pieces! And I watched the vlog and couldn't stop laughing. Jack makes camping look so much fun. :)

  4. We had a ridiculous time in the forest! Thanks for watching :))

  5. I'm so pleased - I love sharing these posts too and I'm never sure whether lifestyle posts are interesting or not.

  6. Me too, I have a whole heap of them - they're so useful! I try not to use plastic bags at all so they are super useful for keeping on me when I go shopping.


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