Week Notes #33

Week Notes #33
Paper Cutting
I've been playing around in the studio with a few fun little projects.

Week Notes #33
Eurovision 2015
Our annual Eurovision party is next weekend, I've gotta get my costume finished..
Any guesses who I'm going as?

Week Notes #33
Fun with Colour
I bought all the Sharpies.

Week Notes #33
We went for dinner for Jack's birthday at Carters and it was a-ma-ZING.
We know the chef and he gave me a bag of rose donuts to take home and enjoy with my coffee ♥

Update: I've been thinking of changing things up around here a little bit so as of next week (hopefully) Week Notes will be shared as short little films. I'm going to be uploading them here so feel free to subscribe, but you don't have to.

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