My Rules for Blogging

My Rules for Blogging

#1 Write the blog you want to read
Whenever I think about what to post here, I always come back to this idea that I should write the blog I want to read. If you're passionate about something, it shows and can inspire other people, so always write about the things you care about. One of the reasons I blog is to connect with other people, and blogging about the things you're interested in and passion about is a good way of doing that.

#2 Set boundaries
It's really important to set boundaries when it comes to blogging; whether it's personal or business related, clear guidelines on what you will and won't share is a must. I made the decision to keep this space free of advertising and sponsored content because I feel accepting money for posts changes the approach you must take towards blogging. When it comes to personal content, I have a simple rule: I treat my readers like friends, if I would be happy to share something with a friend then I'm happy to share it on the blog.

#3 Be honest, always
I always want to be clear with my intentions, open with my opinions, and transparent with my actions, so I have a 100% honest policy. I've set clear boundaries that I am open about in my disclaimer; I make it clear when I've been sent PR "gifts" and give honest reviews of everything I feature on the blog. I also try to be as open as I can when it comes to questions about my business and my personal life.

#4 Be positive
I've spoken before how I don't buy into this idea of social media envy, and while I'm not saying everyone should all blog the same way, I make the conscious decision to only share positive content and beautiful things. I'm acutely aware of my privilege and I just don't see the point in moaning when I don't have anything to moan about.

#5 Always reply to comments
I appreciate when someone takes time out of their day to read my blog and leave a comment, so it's only polite to take a little time out of my own day to read and respond to them. I've never understood why some bloggers ignore their comment section; it's much like wanting to talk but not listen, which is quite rude when you think about it. Engaging with people in the comments section and being part of a two-way conversation is one of the highlights of blogging for me.

#6 Listen to the readers
It's important to listen to questions, requests for blog posts, and constructive criticism - I take it all on board. The first people to tell you you're doing something wrong or right are the readers, their opinion matters, which is why it's important to listen to what they have got to say.

#7 Don't follow the crowd
Easy to say, not so easy to do - I've definitely slipped up a few times. I'm blogging for personal reasons and not to make money, so it's important to blog about the things that excite me and ignore what everyone else is doing. In a community where money is always considered the endgame, it's difficult to remember you're not part of that race.

#8 Let the blog grow and change
I recently wrote about my new approach to blogging. Over time, blogs are supposed to grow and change, it's what keeps things enjoyable and engaging. Sometimes it can be tough knowing whether you're making the right decision or not but if you never try, you'll never know.

#9 Enjoy it
As soon as I stop enjoying blogging, that's it, game over. Until then, bring it on.