A Brand Refresh | Oh My Clumsy Heart

A Brand Refresh

Although I'm always playing around and tweaking the website, Oh My Clumsy Heart hasn't had a brand refresh in quite a while and I felt it was about time to change things up a bit. I've ditched the mini business cards and replaced them with customised inserts for each order that promote social media, the Little Gems Club, free postage, and any current promotions. These match with the new logo for the jewellery boxes and new header for the website. The website itself received a layout upgrade with new fonts and tweaks to the navigation.

A Brand Refresh

The biggest changes are happening behind the scenes. Even though I only recently upgraded and overhauled the website, Oh My Clumsy Heart has finally outgrown Big Cartel. It breaks my heart a little bit because Big Cartel has been such an awesome place to grow the business but I'm finding the shop needs extra services that Big Cartel simply doesn't offer.

If you're curious about setting up an online shop, Big Cartel is an ecommerce platform I would recommend to anyone whose business needs more freedom than a marketplace storefront but doesn't need the full on services of the pricier ecommerce sites. They've been an amazing company to work with and I'm sad to be leaving them.

These big changes are happening in the new year, which is a while away yet. I am super excited about it all and can't wait to share more information closer to the time. Thank you to everyone who answered the customer experience survey, it's still open if you'd like to share your opinion.