Week Notes #36

June 07, 2015

Links Worth Clicking:
» A Self-Folding Origami Robot
» DIY Nail Decals
» How to Get Organised When it Feels Impossible
» Utilizing your Clutter-free, Groggy Morning Mind for Creativity
» 13 Amazing Female Podcasters to Follow
» Charcoal Drawings by Hernan Marin
» Sparse and Lonely Series of Small Towns
» Pesto Recipe

Podcasts Worth Listening To:
» Sword and Scale: Episode 40 - the terrifying story of a serial killer nurse

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  1. Carrie6/07/2015

    Such a sweet video, so calm and relaxing to watch. Thanks for sharing your week!
    Carrie x

  2. This was such a nice video! I really enjoyed watching this, and I like your guinea pigs haha :)
    Love Lotte
    (from mystylishnotebook)

  3. This is such a lovely video ! Those week notes of yours are definitely my favorite kind of post



  4. Love your weekly notes videos! Looks like you had a really nice week :)

  5. Beautiful week notes this week! I just saw the same book, The mindfullness colouring book, in the book shop yesterday.
    Your two guinea pigs are so cute, I also have two and one of them loves the bath time while the other one is a rebel :)

  6. I squeeled at the guinea pigs! ahaha Such a lovely, free mind you have :)

  7. That was so sweet. I loved getting to see you making your jewelry and I lost my mind when you bathed the guinea pigs. Heavenly.


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