Week Notes #37

June 14, 2015

This week felt like a major snoozefest; I spent most of my time in the studio doing a lot of admin work and working on some big projects, when really all I wanted to be doing was playing in the sunshine.

Links Worth Clicking:
» Kevin Russ: The Travelling Man
» Freelance Illustration - The Early Years
» Success and Failure Don't Look the Way you Think
» The Step by Step Process to Finding Your Creative Focus
» Forget About Being Likeable
» The Only Technique is to Learn Something New

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  1. I think that could have easily developed into a tomato tug of war! These videos are lovely Sophie, I'm really enjoying them.

  2. Luisa Fernanda6/14/2015

    Such a wonderful video. I love the simplicity and yet it gives whole picture of your week. I also enjoy the links you post :)

  3. Aw, I love the video - really lovely way to recap your week! Your food looks so good btw, every single dish!

    x Jia, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. I'm really pleased you're enjoying the vlogs :))

  6. Basil wasn't letting Tip have any of that tomato - it's their favourite treat. Thank you for watching the vlogs, Amy :))


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