Week Notes #38

June 21, 2015

Links Worth Clicking:
» So Where Do We Go Next and How Do We Get There?
» The Freelane Life: Observation
» Elderflower Syrup Recipe
» Crumbling Casino
» Can Your Site Survive with Fewer Blog Posts?
» The Price of Vanity
» Holistic Health: Crystal Edition

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  1. Such a nice post ! As usual



  2. I am really enjoying your vlogs, they are so cute.

  3. I love the mood of these vlogs! The bride was so pretty and your details are lovely.

  4. Thank you so much. She looked beautiful, didn't she? It was wonderful day.

  5. Thank you for watching :))

  6. Thank you, Camille

  7. Adela J.6/22/2015

    I love thees kind of videos, they are so relaxing to watch. And thank you for not putting some weird and loud music with the video.


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