How to Keep Blogging When You Don’t Feel Like It

How to Keep Blogging When You Don’t Feel Like It

Sometimes I just don't feel like working on my blog. It’s not that I don't love blogging, it’s simply that there are other things I’d rather to be doing with my time. There is a cycle I go through with almost everything I enjoy: I do one thing - read books, watch films, play games - more often than I do another; sometimes I’m having too much fun hanging out with friends or I’m really excited about creating in the studio or working on side projects.

There’s not always enough time to do everything we want to do. Ultimately one thing takes priority over another, occasionally not wanting to blog will be part of that cycle. There will simply always be days where blogging is further down on that ‘want-to-do’ list, making it a struggle to produce content. Once you get yourself into a habit of blogging daily, it’s hard to let a day go by where a new post doesn't get published.

Here are a couple of ways to keep blogging when you don’t feel like it.

One Step At A Time

If you have an editorial calendar that daunts you, focus only on the very next post you need to write - write it and then move on to the next. It’s really easy to become overwhelmed with blogging, especially when you publish content daily; focusing solely on that next post will keep you from feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.

Think Of New Ideas

I write content ideas in a blog planner and they can sit in there for months before I get around to writing them up, which means I can get bored of seeing them. Sometimes, even though you’re sitting on a mountain of ideas, thinking of fresh ideas and working on them immediately can reignite the passion for blogging.

Just Write

Sometimes being a little tough with yourself is enough to get you back on track. When I feel blogging is a massive chore or I’m procrastinating over ideas, forcing myself to sit down and not get back up until I’ve written a post breaks that barrier down and makes writing content a little bit easier.

Give Yourself a Break

It’s OK to break the schedule once in a while. Recently I had fallen behind my blogging schedule and had to write a week’s worth of content in a couple of days before I flew out to Germany. This made me feel pretty overwhelmed, so I decided to take a break from daily blogging and schedule content for every other day. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in a rigid schedule and can’t take a break from blogging.


If you're feeling the pressure to stick to a schedule, remind yourself it’s a schedule you imposed on yourself. Blogs are supposed to change over time and perhaps the reluctance to blog is a sign that you need to restructure your schedule. Readers don’t just disappear over night because you stop posting daily; stop demanding so much from yourself, and blogging will start to feel a lot more fun again.