How to Use Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest as a Business

For a long time I didn’t understand or have a use for Pinterest, so I avoided using it. Over the past few months, I have discovered how amazing it can be. The more I use it, the more I see what it’s got to offer for business.

One of the best pieces of advice I have learned about using Pinterest was: treat it like a lifestyle magazine. Choose your content wisely; always keep your target audience in mind and curate an aesthetic that compliments your brand and reflects a specific lifestyle.

After using Pinterest regularly for a month, I saw a 1000% increase in engagement on my profile and Pinterest became the second biggest social media referrer to my online shop. Pretty amazing.

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How I use Pinterest

I began using Pinterest as a source of inspiration and, in my many ways, that purpose has stayed the same although now I also use it to pin content that resonates with my shop's brand and has a distinct style in a similar aesthetic, which reflects a specific lifestyle. Pinterest isn't the place for hard-selling and pinning your own products isn't the best way to gain exposure. I mix my own products into the fashion boards by featuring them alongside other wearable items that compliment my designs. The whole point is to indirectly encourage interaction with your brand without using hard-sell tactics; pinning similar content that appeals to your target audience indirectly draws attention to your own products and directs referrals to your online shop.

I use Pinterest more as a tool that allows people to take a look at the inner workings of the business to see what inspires and motivates the brand. I use the boards to curate content, which I can refer to when working on new collections, developing product ideas, and creating branding. I pin products that compliment my own brand and its products; I never pin any other jewellery but I do pin items that work well with them such as clothing and accessories.

I use secret boards on Pinterest for pinning ideas, product research, and planning, I also use them for pinning materials from my suppliers, branding inspiration and content ideas. Secret Boards are a super useful way of organising supplies and materials in a more visually orientated way, which makes it easier to gain an overview of the product development process.

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Pinterest Tips

Split up broad category boards into more defined ones and pin regularly, especially to your most crucial boards. For me, that would be my What to Wear, Street Style, and Home Decor. I've noticed boards with 200+ pins get more engagement so whenever you start a new board, try to focus on finding appropriate content for them.

Know who you’re pinning for; curate with a specific person in mind particularly someone who would be your ideal customer.

Only ever pin high quality photography or graphics and make sure any links direct traffic to the correct source of the original creator.

Make use of the “people who pinned this also pinned” function to find more pins. I'm always finding new pins this way, pins I would have missed out on otherwise. I also make a lot of use out of the search bar.

It’s important not to pin things in an attempt to attract more followers; pin the things you love, that inspire you, or support your brand and people will follow your boards. The same goes for pinning your own products, services, and/or blog in the hope of driving more traffic to those places. It almost never works - it’s best to discreetly slip these pins into related boards, never use the hard-sell approach.

Unlike other social media platforms and blogging where promoting can be more assertive, Pinterest is the place for developing an aesthetic; it’s useful for building a brand by clearly defining the lifestyle that surrounds the products you’re selling.

If you don't like Pinterest and don't have a purpose for it, don't use it. You don't have to be everywhere online; you don't have to use social media platforms you don’t like. But it is a relatively time-easy and super enjoyable method of growing brand awareness.

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