New Stationery from Paperways and Muji

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who uses the need to buy a new planner as an excuse to buy even more stationery. I've previously mentioned my favourite places to buy stationery, however, this time it took a little hunting to find the right planner and I didn't end up finding it in any of the usual places.

Up until now, I've been using a MUJI A5 Monthly Diary and it's great, lots of room for writing notes and just enough space for daily task lists. But I wanted something with a little more room for not only daily but monthly and yearly planning too.

Bureau Direct stocks a whole bunch of awesome brands including one of my favourites - Paperways - which is where I found the Paperways Any Year Diary/Planner. It's undated with a flexible spine (so props open nicely on whichever page you're working from) and has a lot of spare space for notes. I also picked up a pack of Paperways Sticky Notes and a single Rhodia Pencil (purely because it matches my favourite biro - the Mitsubishi No. 460)

I was gifted a couple of MUJI Push Button Highlighters for my birthday and I loved them so much I had to pick up the other three available colours (I love colour coding.) Along with these I picked up a box of 12 coloured pencils to use in a couple of creative side projects I've got going on.

I'm definitely going to share my yearly planning process in another post and maybe even a review of how the Paperways Planner is working out for me. I'm on a massive stationery kick right now so if you have any suggestions on good places to pick up awesome stationery supplies, throw them my way please.