Recently I was clearing away stuff, you know - the collection of things that gather on shelves, under the bed, propped up against a wall, stuffed at the bottom of a drawer - stuff. Things I didn't want but held onto because I guess it's easier to forget about it than decide what to keep and what to throw away.

I came across two huge boxes of zines; zines were a huge part of life a few years back and my old blog featured them heavily. If you're unfamiliar with them, zines are self-published mini-magazines usually printed in small numbers and often designed in a very loose, unpolished manner. I was particularly interested in illustrated zines and over time amassed quite a few. They also introduced me to the creative community and some amazing illustrators who became awesome friends.

Although I sadly (and maybe even regretfully) recycled a couple hundred of them, I saved a stack because they were just so lovely I couldn't throw them away. I had so many awesome zines I wanted to share, it was super difficult to pick but these are the ones that I remember vividly.