Caring for House Plants

Learning to Care for House Plants

I have mentioned before how I do not have “green fingers” and choosing easy to care for house plants has been the first step towards learning how to care for them. Over time I have gradually learned how to care for my green friends.

» Pick the right plants for the environment
» Learn about the plants you buy
» Watch the plants, learn what they like and dislike
» Find the right place for the right plant
» It is better to under-water than over-water
» Water quality is as important as amount and frequency
» The type of soil you use is very important
» Don't forget to dust the leaves of larger plants
» Remove dead leaves and flowers regularly
» Watch for problems and act on them
» Remember to rotate the plants
» Repot only when necessary
» Keep an eye out for pests

The most crucial fact I have learned about caring for house plants is: pick the right plants for your environment. You simply cannot care for a plant who hates the environment you’re bringing it into. Picking the right plants and making sure you're attentive to any changes you see, makes caring for house plants a breeze.