How to Get Ahead with your Blog Content

How to Get Ahead with your Blog Content

For a lot of bloggers, scheduling posts several weeks in advance isn’t something they want or need to do. However, if you’re a creative business owner or have a full time day job, getting ahead with your blog content is an important way of maintaining consistency, momentum, and traffic. Although getting ahead can initially be tricky to do, in the long run, planning and scheduling content in advance makes things easier by giving you breathing room to do other important tasks.

Since running a business takes up the majority of my time, scheduling content in advance is extremely important. I don’t want to spend all my free time scrambling to get a blog post ready for tomorrow so I make sure my blogging process is as effective as it can be.

If you want to relieve some of the pressure of juggling a business, a blog, and a busy life here is how to get ahead with your blog content.

Create a Plan

Decide on a realistic blogging schedule and create an editorial calendar; decide how often you want to post and the topics you want to cover. Be realistic and set an achievable blogging schedule; use Google Analytics to find out which days readers are most active on your blog and create an editorial calendar by planning out content ideas.

Stockpile Ideas

Whether it’s a notebook or a digital tool like Evernote, create a system that works for you and start stockpiling ideas. Having a reservoir of content means you will always have something to write about and you won’t need to go looking for inspiration elsewhere at the last minute. It could be a list of post titles, snippets of ideas, or clipped articles from the web; stockpiling ideas for future use is an excellent way of keeping yourself inspired and getting ahead with your content.

Organise Effectively

Take a little time to prepare each blog post, write a list of what you need to do in order to take a post from idea right through to scheduled content. A checklist might help make the process smoother and more efficient; list the photographs you need to take, any graphics you need to make, along with relevant links you want/need to include.

Bulk Process Tasks

Use your time effectively by photographing in bulk and setting aside writing sessions where you write up the content for several posts all at once. Sometimes this isn’t always possible but whenever it is, it’s a useful way of producing a lot more content in a smaller amount of time.

Schedule Everything

Save time by freeing it up elsewhere; schedule before, during, and after - it's the only way to get ahead. If you block out time in your calendar for writing and photography sessions, you'll quickly be able to get ahead with your blog. Don't forget to automate everything as much as possible; use a tool like Buffer to schedule promotion on social media so you can get on with the next thing on your to-do list.