Week Notes #52

October 11, 2015

Week Notes #52

I desperately needed a pick-me-up this week, despite trying to remember some tips for when you're feeling overwhelmed, work has been getting on top of me. Flowers are such a rare occurrence in our apartment that when this beautiful October Glee bouquet* arrived, with red roses and oriental lillies, I couldn't help but feel my mood lift. Sometimes the simplest of things can bring a lot of joy. Cheer yourself or someone else up by ordering a bouquet - get 33% off with the code: BGIFTS33

I've been working hard on new content for the Oh My Clumsy Heart mailing list. From next week, there will be regular mailouts focusing on sharing nice things and documenting inspiration; it'll be a like a lovely inspiring blog post sent to you via email. If you enjoy these weekly updates, I hope you'll love Studio Notes too. Sign up here - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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