Week Notes #53

Week Notes #53
Look at this aloe! It's out of control~

This week has been pretty chilled, I've been working on tweaking things behind the scenes, and prepping for the festive season. A few exciting emails hit my inbox and I can't wait to share some exciting news. This weekend I am heading back to Kent, I haven't returned to the family home since I moved to Birmingham. I'm really excited to hang out at Dreamland and hopefully visit my favourite wildlife park.

Introducing yoga back into my daily routine has been amazing. What I love the most about yoga is the focus on strength, flexibility, and self-awareness, I find I'm becoming more patient and mindful. Only after a few weeks I'm noticing how my body is changing to become more capable of what I ask it and it brings a real sense of pride and achievement. I find, if I skip a day, I really miss it and I'm making more and more time or longer sessions each day.

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