A Practical Guide for Conscious Planning

November 11, 2015

The Dailygreatness Journal

When it comes to the business and the blog, I'm a stickler for organising and planning yet I leave my personal life to work itself out. However, it's important to keep our goals and intentions in check by becoming more conscious of our time and the way we choose to spend it.

The Dailygreatness Journal

The Dailygreatness Journal* is an organiser, goal planner, travel companion, and daily guide. Its aim is to help you form beneficial habits, review your progress, and keep you committed and accountable. Through daily use the journal will help you identify your passion and purpose, empower you to become more creative and productive, and inspire you to become more self-aware and intuitive.

The Dailygreatness Journal

This planner contains a comprehensive goal planning system, weekly, quarterly, and yearly goal planners and check-in pages, appointment and daily planners, along with worksheets, prompts, reminders, and inspiring quotes. The journal itself is un-dated so you can start whenever you want. The idea is to use the journal daily, to make it a ritual that guides how you spend your time and in a way that is more consciously engaged.

The Dailygreatness Journal

These kinds of personal goal "workbooks" are usually a little woo-woo for me. I don't buy into the stereotypical "mindful awareness" that life coaches preach about. But I do really value being self-aware, holding ourselves accountable, and working hard at achieving our personal goals. While a few of the pages of this journal are a little out there~ its heart is in the right place and there is a lot of great content between the pages. The questions really push you to challenge what you're really doing to achieve your personal goals and helps create actionable steps to reach them.

The Dailygreatness Journal* is a great companion for anyone wanting to start consciously planning their personal time in a more productive way that will achieve results. So if you're looking to add a little mindfulness into your life, this wouldn't be a bad place to start.

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