How to Develop a Signature Brand Style

How to Develop a Signature Brand Style

Branding and design is something I have always been super passionate about and developing a signature brand style can take years to perfect, evolve, and progress. I put a lot of time and effort into developing Oh My Clumsy Heart's style from the triangle logo and greyscale colour palette to the letterpress eco-friendly packaging and recycled business cards. It's a part of the business I always enjoy working on.

If you're interested in learning about branding, I have some advice on how to develop your own signature brand style.

How to Develop a Signature Brand Style


Creativity is all about practice and the only way to develop a signature brand style is to keep experimenting with style, design, and format. Playing around with different styles enables us to discover those we dislike and those we truly love. Over time and through experimentation we're able to develop a style that feels natural and authentic, it will no longer feel "borrowed" or forced but instead will become part of and intrinsic to our brand.

Develop Personal Style

Personal style can play a huge role in developing a signature brand style as it helps us develop who we are, what we want to say, and the way in which we want to express it. Infusing personal style into a business really helps to develop a unique brand.

Look To Others For Inspiration

We're often encouraged not to take inspiration from others but when it comes to design and style, looking to others for inspiration can really help pinpoint crucial style elements that speak to us. By developing existing ideas, blending design elements, and channeling them through our own personal style, we're able to develop our own unique brand style. Creating mood boards is a great way of exploring branding ideas and style concepts.

Discover Descriptive Keywords

Deciding on key words not only helps us to acknowledge our vision, values, and goals, they also help us to develop our brand in terms of style, what it stands for, and what it's trying to say to others. Having distinct keywords describing our brand, serves as a reminder of what our focus and intentions are with our business.

How to Develop a Signature Brand Style

Develop A Colour Palette

A colour palette helps establish a brand's voice and feel, creating visual experience, which can also shape our opinions, affect our mood, and make things more attractive. Providing our brand with a primary color palette will dictate the style and presentation of our work, keeping it within set boundaries that helps shape people's opinions and evoke an emotional response. This colour scheme should be consistent and used everywhere in our marketing, providing us with the finishing touches to our brand's signature style.

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