Interior Upgrades: Winter Additions

November 12, 2015

Interior Upgrades: Winter Additions
Interior Upgrades: Winter Additions

Over the past eighteen months, we have been steadily upgrading our apartment, and slowly and surely we have been replacing those pieces of furniture that are too old, cheap, or look awkwardly out of place. We were super grateful for all the furniture we received as housewarming gifts, but in order to make a house a real home, it's a gradual process of replacing the old with more appropriate pieces to suit our taste in decor. We recently discovered a beautiful Ercol coffee table by absolute chance in a vintage shop in Kent (and had to travel 200 miles with it on public transport) but it was just so gorgeous we couldn't leave it behind.

While large pieces of furniture take a lot of consideration, the smaller, decorative flourishes don't need quite so much justification. As winter approaches and evenings quickly plunge into darkness, the candles, blankets, and cushions get pulled out and piled high to create a little nest on the couch to make ourselves and our guests a little more comfy. There are a few extra touches we have added to the apartment that make it a little more homely during the winter.

We can't always decide on what makes nice decor, while Jack loathes this Wellesley cushion*, I love old design, soft fabric, and muted colour. This cushion gets thrown both on the couch and the bed so I can sink into it while reading a book under a blanket (and largely goes ignored by Jack.) Although we might disagree in the choice of cushions I might pick out, we both agree that marble and concrete look beautiful in a modern home. A marble tray* creates an awesome center piece (and prevents nasty accidents happening to that Ercol table) and pairs nicely with the concrete and copper candle holder*. Something happened to the white and cold vase I ordered, which I hoped would have complimented the metallic and marble colour scheme.

All in all I'm overjoyed with our new winter additions and look forward to adding a few more flourishes once the season changes.

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