Winter Wish Lyst

Dresses : Michael Kors Black Long Dress | Les Prairies de Paris Long Dress | ChloƩ Velvet Maxi Dress For me, winter is an excus...

Winter Wish Lyst

Dresses: Michael Kors Black Long Dress | Les Prairies de Paris Long Dress | ChloƩ Velvet Maxi Dress

For me, winter is an excuse to scout out a brand new dress for the festive season, something to wear to the annual family gathering, festive parties, and drinks with friends. It's also an excuse to start wearing heavy velvet dresses, designed to drape across your body yet provide enough warmth for those chilly evenings. Finding the perfect outfit can be tough so I usually start shopping early to make sure I find exactly what I'm looking for.


I am definitely one for compiling clothing wish lists, comparing prices, and deciding between style and brands. It can take me ages to decide on the perfect winter purchase. Lyst is a really useful tool that eliminates the need to set up separate accounts on multiple websites (something I loathe having to do), since it's a place where all the best known designers and brands can be browsed and purchased. It's a place where you can follow your favourite brands, see the latest seasonal releases and fashion trends, receive sale alerts, and create lookbooks.

Stefanel Long Dress | L'Agence Long Dress | American Vintage Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This year I'm considering purchasing a sophisticated maxi dress, something in a classic style that will last years and become a staple "occasion piece" for my wardrobe. I created a winter wish 'lyst' to help me decide on the style of dress I'm after and gives me something to refer back to when deciding on a purchase. I'm definitely going to be using Lyst from now on to search, plan, organise fashion ideas, and find that perfect winter dress.


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