Battling Burnout

How To Battle Burnout

Burnout has become the epidemic of the modern workplace and is described as the mental and physical exhaustion we feel when the demands of our workload exceeds the energy we have. Overwhelm can hit hard and prevent us from achieving our best while burnout can completely destroy our productivity.

I was recently hit with major burnout stemming from internet fatigue and a growing to-do list. I felt swamped with work, overwhelmed by social media, and I was struggling to stay positive. Three simple tricks helped me battle through the burnout.

Get Organised

Write checklists; break everything down into manageable tasks; focus on one thing at a time. Getting organised with our workload can help put things back into perspective and make everything feel manageable again. Simply writing everything down can take the stress and urgency out of work. Letting go of some of the responsibility by asking for help, delegating tasks, or simply taking a moment to organised our time more effectively can diminish feelings of being overwhelmed by our workload.

Unplug and Uninstall

We surround ourselves with devices that vie for our attention all day long and for the most part we let them get away with it. When burnout turns into internet fatigue sometimes the best solution is to switch everything off altogether. Give yourself some breathing space by turning notifications off and uninstalling apps that only feed into your negative state of mind. Removing the constant reminders and only checking accounts at specific times of the day puts a little distance in-between us and the issues that only serve to agitate our burnout.

Work Less

In a culture where we happily brag about 80+ hour weeks and glorify being busy, it’s easy to forget that taking time off is actually a good thing - a really good thing. Working less helps us restore our work-life balance, rejuvenates our creativity, and keeps us happy and healthy. The key is in working smarter not harder by using our time more effectively and efficiently. Taking time off prevents overwhelm, internet fatigue, and burnout making us much happier and far more productive.