The Best Places to Buy Props for Photographs

The Best Places to Buy Props for Photography

Whether you're taking photographs for your blog or business, props are essential to creating interesting and enticing images. Props can help demonstrate the scale and function of a product, compliment and enhance a brand's aesthetic, and simply make an image more beautiful. I've written five tips to help you style your product photographs and now I want to share with you where to buy them.

Living with a professional photographer, our apartment is full to the brim of props of all sorts from stationery to homeware to vintage finds, and over the years I've discovered some of the best places to buy props for photography.


Both online and in real life, marketplaces are an awesome place to source unusual and original props for your photography. Whether you visit secondhand fairs, auctions, flea markets, boot fairs, or online marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay, you can discover a wealth of original props. I've picked up everything from vintage stationery to homeware items from visiting marketplaces all over the world and these props are the ones that tend to get most attention when featured in photographs.

Stationery Shops

Stationery is so popular right now, everyone loves to see it in photographs plus it looks crazy pretty and works perfectly for blog posts. My high street favourites include Paperchase and MUJI for their consistently high quality ranges; online you can discover vintage stationery from Present and Correct, handmade goods from Worthwhile Paper (and other awesome indie shops), and buy staple brands from Bureau Direct.

Homeware Shops

Picking up homeware items for your own home and using them in your photography is an awesome way of keeping your work looking original and personal. Great places to purchase homeware props are shops like Tiger, Habitat, John Lewis, and Ferm Living; they offer a range of different items at various price points so you're bound to find something awesome to use in your photographs.

Local Vintage or Secondhand Shops

Alongside marketplaces, local vintage and secondhand shops are the best places and most affordable way to find one-off original props including kitchenware, stationery, books, cutlery, and ornaments. They often take a lot more patience to find exactly what you're looking for but it's worth persevering to find some real gems.