Why Blogger Friendships Are So Important

Why Blogger Friendships Are So Important
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Up until recently, none of my friends were dedicated bloggers; having had a bad experience with a couple of bloggers in the past I shied away from forming friendships that passed through the computer screen. After a press holiday in Fuerteventura, where I spent five days surrounded by eight awesome people, I realised blogger friendships are crazy important.

Allies Not Rivals

It's not always easy to find people who are mature enough to understand that someone else's success does not limit their own; it's important to seek out people who want to be your blog allies, people who will champion your success, support your growth, and be there when you need them and vice versa. Not all blogging niches are as supportive as others but there will always be kindhearted people to be found in them.

An Extended Network

Forming blogger friendships also extends the network of people you are connected to, both in the blogging community and PR relationships. That's not to say you should form friendships based on furthering your blogging career, but being open and engaged with the community in a friendly way can definitely help you pursue your blogging goals.

Discuss Blogging Politics

There are some things in blogging that only bloggers can relate to. When you blog daily, as a job or in a way that resembles one, there are certain issues that arise and problems that occur, and it's nice to have someone to talk to who can relate to them. Having friends who can sympathise with these troubles makes dealing with them so much easier.

An Alternate Perspective

When you seclude yourself, it's easy to get wrapped in what you're doing and forget to look at the bigger picture. Blogging peers can offer a fresh outlook on situations or ways of dealing with issues, and that's important to avoid getting stuck in a blogging rut or making bad business moves. It's not healthy to isolate yourself and cut yourself off from the rest of the community, reaching out and opening up will enrich your life.