5 Ways to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet

5 Ways to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet
5 Ways to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet

The new year signifies a new start and provides us with a fresh chance to learn, challenge, and grow over the upcoming months. Here are five small decisions that could change your life.

1 | Banish Negativity

Start the year by cleansing your life of negativity. Small changes can drastically change your life such as decluttering your home, cleaning your workspace, emptying your inbox, unfollowing or deactivating social media accounts, and removing or protecting yourself from destructive outside influences to help banish negativity and improve your quality of life.

2 | Be Spontaneous

Daily routines are great for getting things done but doing the same thing every day and in the same way quickly becomes very boring and can make you become boring too. If you're a creature of habit a little spontaneity could be life changing. Be curious, ask questions, say "yes" more often, challenge yourself; live in the moment, cut loose old habits and be more spontaneous.

3 | Go On an Adventure

You don't need to spend a lot of money or travel very far to have an adventure, local destinations can be just as awesome to discover as distant countries. Whether you talk a walk down side streets you've never explored, go on a day trip or a weekend road trip, or travel to the country you've always dreamed about, make this year the year you go on an adventure you'll never forget.

4 | Read More

Reading more prompts mental stimulation, reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary, strengthens analytical thinking, engages focus and concentration, increases knowledge, and improves writing skills. If there was ever a reason why we should all read more books, this is it. Make this year the year you pick up a book more than you pick up your mobile phone.

5 | Become Self-Aware

Self-awareness is examining one's life, observing and scrutinising what is happening both inwardly and outwardly, allowing us to examine and consider our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs alongside our needs, desires, and habits. Introspection is about understanding both our strengths and weaknesses so we can continually improve ourselves. Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness; the more we know about ourselves, the better we become at adapting to life changes and dealing with them.