Living A More Creative Life

Living A More Creative Life

1 | Be Mindful

In order to live a more creative life we need to be more mindful of our time and the way we use it. Disconnect from distractions and 'switch off' for at least an hour each day so you can be more intentional with your actions and invest in your creative pursuits.

2 | Read Books

Whether you’re looking to build your creative confidence or seeking a little encouragement to maintain your creativity, there are several books that will help you on your mission to live a more creative life. Start with these five books every creative should read; read a little each day to empower you to lead a more creative life.

3 | Try New Things

If you find your current creative hobbies are growing stagnant and no longer hold your interest or you're struggling for inspiration, try new things and explore new ideas. Set yourself little side projects, join online courses (like 28 to Make); challenge your creativity by investing time in playing with ideas and trying new things.

4 | Create a Creative Notebook

Create a dedicated notebook purely for creative ideas and projects so you can record your achievements and store all your ideas. Having a reservoir of creative content to dip in and out of, whether it's project ideas or blog titles, provides a constant source of inspiration to play with. This DIY Planner can easily be converted into a creative planner for keeping track of goals, ideas, and projects.

5 | Attend Events

There is only so much we can do alone, attend events where you can meet like minded people and get involved with the creative community. Join a class, visit designer-maker markets, and go to creative talks. Eventbrite is a fantastic place to discover local events. Surrounding ourselves with creative people and becoming an active member of the community will help us live a more creative life.

6 | Reach Out To People

Making creative friends and building a support network is super important for creating a more creative life and surrounding ourselves with encouraging, supportive friends. Seek out inspiring creatives, reach out to them, and engage in the conversations taking place online.

7 | Go Outside

Inspiration comes from the things we surround ourselves. Go outside, explore museums, visit art galleries, go for long walks; it’s not always about hands-on making and doing, sometimes it’s just about getting outside and enjoying life.