A Minimal Planner + Free Download

A Minimal Planner
A Minimal Planner

If you find planning and organisation planners to be overly fussy and unnecessarily complicated, you might appreciate this super minimal printable. Finding the perfect monthly planner became a bit of an obsession for me until I decided to make my own. Sometimes I just want a sheet I can print out and scribble all over, pin to my studio noticeboard, and use for both business and blogging duties.

A Minimal Planner

The Minimal Planner is a straight up undated overview of a single unspecified month. You can use it as often or as little as you want, just print it off and get planning. This planner works best if you print on thin card (but paper will work!) and you can print it as single sheets or create a notebook planner by using the below instructions.

1 | Download HERE (click share > download)
2 | Print on both sides to create a cover from page 1 and 2
3 | Print page 2 back-to-back to create inserts

This planner was super fun to make and I'm thinking about making a few extra minimal blogging and business related printables (and maybe even turn them into a complete planner) to share on the blog. If you have any suggestions or requests I'd love to hear them.