Week Notes #67

February 14, 2016

Week Notes #67

PSA: Next week I am taking a bit of a break; I won't be posting daily, maybe three or four posts? And I might do that for a couple of weeks just to get myself back on track. Right now I'm working on launching a new jewellery collection and I have so much to do that I feel as though the wheels are spinning but I'm not really getting anywhere. I'm struggling to stay on top of everything and I need a bit of breathing space.

I will still be super active on Snapchat (omchstudio) and Twitter if you want to say hi.

Links Worth Clicking
» This book is awesome
» Corgi cookies!
» Forgotten spaces by Gisela Erlacher
» Neko Atsume toys (I am obsessed with the app)
» Soviet nuclear bunkers by Barry Falk
» 8 things more important for success than intelligence
» 10 must-read books for February
» chocolatexturebarsketch by Japanese design studio Nendo
» Adorable Baby Nessie tea infuser
» DIY rose bath salts
» Easy peasy up-do
» Miso black seasme caramel popcorn
» Back Roads photography series by Robert Götzfried
» Hiné Mizushima
» Yuta Takahashi's minimalist design for Trinität
» 4 Years. This is what I've learned.
» Brooke Holm's photographic series 'Arctic'
» Pastel coloured buildings by Matthieu Venot (and his amazing Instagram feed)
» An abandoned fishing village photographed by Viktor Egyed
» Increasing numbers is the wrong aim

Podcasts Worth Listening To
» Freakonomics - Who Needs Handwriting?

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