What's On My Desk

What's On My Desk

I actually have two desks, one sitting and one standing: my "office desk" in the apartment and my "working desk" in the studio. This is a mix up of the objects and items you can find on both of these desks and I use religiously throughout the day.


I use two planners on a daily basis. The first is my daily planner, which I talk about in the how I plan a year in advance post. This is the Paperways planner that gets taken with me everywhere; I break the months down week-by-week and write all my daily tasks in to make the day-to-day easier to tackle. The newest edition is a bullet journal created from a Leuchtturm notebook. This was created as a business log so I can keep track of everything from products and services, short and long term objectives, web analytics, social media growth, promotions and content ideas, and a yearly overview. It also contains month-by-month layouts including social media plans, which I use to keep track of priority objectives and tasks for the month. These two planners are crucial to the running of my business on a daily basis.


I've spoken about my equipment previously within this post so I won't go into great detail here. Suffice to say this equipment is pretty much always on my desk while I'm at it. I keep my Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III at hand at all times and prop my Mac up on my studio desk so I can listen to podcasts while I work. The HP Sprout dominates my office desk leaving little room for anything else.

What's On My Desk

Tools of the Trade

On my studio desk I use a small Umbra storage unit* to keep a selection of my tools and most commonly used objects together while I'm using them. It's easy to move the little unit across the desk and out of the way while I'm packaging orders and it keeps the desk from getting messy. It usually contains all kinds of things like a measuring tape, a pair of Hay scissors*, pliers, a miniature steel ruler, a couple of pens, and some washi tape.

Notepads and Pens

I always keep a notepad for jotting down ideas, notes to self, and tasks to remember. I currently have a Kate Spade Telegram Notepad* on my desk for jotting down notes and a couple of Field Notes pocket notebooks for list making. Everyone has their favourite pens to use and I'm no different; I use a Pilot Frixon Ball 07 (an erasable pen that actually works!) a Uni-Ball Eye Fine, and a Palomino Blackwing 602.

If you want to have a proper snoop around my desk, take a look at my studio tour.