5 Things That Make People Unfollow and What You Can Do To Stop Them

5 Things That Make People Unfollow

Unfollowing is a common occurrence online and it can be infuriating to understand why they left. While it's often no fault of our own, there are a few reasons why people choose to unfollow us online. Here are five common things that make people unfollow you and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

1 | Not Responding To Comments

Not responding to comments is essentially the same as talking but not wanting to listen and that's really arrogant and rude, don't you think? If we want people to be interested in what we have to say, we need to be prepared to listen and respond. If someone leaves a comment and never receives a response they are likely to unfollow pretty quickly.

2 | Too Much Self-Promotion

If all we do on social media is promote our own content and never share anything else, people get bored. It's wise to share good things with good people, in turn they will share our content so we don't need to be so heavy on the self-promotion. It's all about supporting each other and being prepared to share other people's hard work along with our own. Read more reasons why we should support each other more.

3 | Being Too Personal

People like learning about others, how they live, what they do at work; we want to go behind the scenes and get to know somebody but we don't want to see and hear literally everything. Being way too personal can reflect badly; while it's important to "be honest," talking about money troubles, slow business, or troubled relationships need to be shared with caution and thoughtfulness. Frequently posting passive aggressive content, subtweeting, spreading negativity, or being offensive will cause people to unfollow.

4 | Not Sharing Anything New

If we use the same content everywhere online there is no incentive for others to keep following. Tailoring content to be shared on specific channels means more chance of followers sticking around; bringing something unique and interesting to each social media platform is essential to building an engaged audience. A key tip to remember is: post quality content with a distinct purpose.

5 | Posting Inconsistent Content

Not posting regularly or posting inconsistent content is definitely something that will cause people to unfollow. If some days we post glorious photographs edited to perfection followed by grainy photographs of our lunch, it's bound to put people off. Remaining consistent, posting quality content, and making it obvious what people can expect from our social media accounts will prevent a mass unfollowing.