An Alternative Solution To Instagram’s Changes

An Alternative Solution To Instagram’s Changes

Sara at Me and Orla wrote a wonderful post on Instagram’s latest changes and if you want to know exactly what will be changing and how that will affect you, read it here. I want to talk about the solution to this problem.

For a lot of bloggers and small business owners, Instagram is a great way of sharing extra content with people who care about what we create. Instagram wants to change all that so we no longer see what we have already opted in to see - or at least they want to rearrange it. Instagram wants to make money. Businesses have got to make money, Instagram is no different; we never paid for the app anyway, the platform was never really ours. And if you're a small business relying on Instagram (or any other social media platform) to drive sales and promote your brand, rethink your business model.

I have seen a lot of people up in arms about these changes with the general consensus being that we need to get our followers to ‘opt-in’ to receive notifications when we post so they “don’t miss a thing.” We don’t want to lose what we have spent so long building up but encouraging your followers to turn on notifications isn’t the answer.

Here’s an alternative solution: encourage people to follow you elsewhere.

Use this time, where everyone is (to put it bluntly) freaking out over the changes, to promote other ways of keeping in touch; of not missing out on the things they love the most. Most people, as much as they love your Instagram feed, aren’t going to switch on notifications but they are likely to be looking for another way to stay in touch. None of us want to miss out on the community we have built and the friendships we have made.

I personally don’t believe it’s as simple as “post great content” and “engage with your audience” and you will be seen, which I have noticed a lot of people suggesting (from personal experience, this simply isn't true.) What I do recommend is: let’s all stop thinking only of ourselves and our businesses. Let’s simply like, comment, and share the content we enjoy because it’s a nice thing to do and our community won’t be destroyed.