The Art Of Editing And Uploading Photographs While Travelling

How To Edit Your Photographs On The Go
How To Edit Your Photographs On The Go

Taking photographs, editing them, and uploading can be a bit of a struggle while travelling. We are all eager to share our snaps in real time while maintaing the consistency and quality of content. Here are some tips of how to edit your photographs and maintain consistent uploads while travelling.

1 | Transferring Photographs Wirelessly

Although phone cameras are arguably great quality and good enough for uploading photographs to social media, if you're used to using a compact or DSLR and then editing those photographs on a computer, using a phone to edit and upload can be disagreeable. Taking photographs with a “proper” camera also provides much more control over lighting, focus, exposure, and general composition.

A lot of cameras have NFC (Near Field Communication) built in, a feature which enables short-range communication between mobile devices like the transferring of photographs wirelessly between camera and phone. A simple app - like PlayMemories Mobile - enables the transfer of photographs between the two.

I use a Sony RX100 III and with the PlayMemories Mobile app I’m able to transfer photographs within seconds. If you’re looking for a new camera buy, I’d highly recommend purchasing one that has this feature.

2 | Editing On A Phone

There are two specific apps that are amazing for editing photographs on a phone: Snapseed and Polarr. If you’re keen to keep things simple, Snapseed has all the common, most-useful functions you would ever need plus a few useful filters. If you’re looking for a more extensive option, Polarr is like a miniature Photoshop with a lot of features not usually found on editing apps. You do need a big screen to use this one though, it has a lot of features!

I wrote a post about the best photography apps if you’re looking for more information on specific apps and which ones I would personally recommend.

3 | Uploading When There Is No WiFi

This is a complete life-changer and something you should definitely consider using when travelling: pocket wifi. Not only is it absolutely invaluable for Googling directions or locations on the go in foreign lands, it also means you can upload your photographs to social media in real time. No more waiting to get back to the hotel or Air B’n’B to upload your photographs, you can tell everyone where you are and what you’re doing as it happens because we all know we have to upload pics or it didn't happen.

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