Week Notes #69

Week Notes #69

Links Worth Clicking
» Friendship Break-ups
» On being a maker
» Why it's cool to have a day job
» Being opinionated is a good thing
» Brutalist buildings created from white LEGO bricks
» The secrets of food photography
» Ira Glass on creative work
» Instagram & Algorithms
» Japan's secret passageways after dark
» Awesome artwork by Muxxi
» The best places to shop for stationery in Tokyo
» Some things we can't (and shouldn't) ignore
» Jeannie Phan creates amazing work
» 6 tips for selling on Etsy

Podcasts Worth Listening To
» This Is Actually Happening: What if you survived a shipwreck?

Sidebar Spotlight

99 Percent Lifestyle, a lifestyle magazine showcasing unique places, creative people, and products. If you're interested in purchasing Issue #2 of their digital magazine, use the code ThePrivateGirl to receive 20% off.

I just want to make it clear, my sidebar spotlight feature is not a paid-for advertising slot. I will be using this space to showcase people, blogs, independent businesses, charities, and other inspiring content; it's my small way of sharing support for the creative community. Read more about why I'm doing this here.

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