What To Do When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Blogging

What To Do When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Blogging

Sometimes blogging when you don't feel like it turns into the realisation that you've fallen a little out of love with blogging altogether. It's not always easy to know what to do when you're feeling overwhelmed and being unsure how to deal with it can really damage our relationship with writing a blog.

Here are three things to do when you've fallen out of love with blogging but desperately want to keep writing.

Find A New Angle

Whether it’s writing about a topic you’ve never written about before, switching things up with your schedule, or trying a new creative side project, mixing things up by introducing something new is a great way to rekindle your love for blogging.

During my creative drought I decided to try something new by teaching myself to knit with the We Are Knitters Cucho Scarf Knit*. I have never so much as touched a pair of knitting needles before so this was a true challenge. Having a new project to work on meant my brain got a good workout and completely took my mind off my blogging woes.

Nurture Your Passion

Sometimes we’re so busy “getting things done” that we forget our creativity requires nurturing; for our passion to thrive we have to take good care of it. Remind yourself of why you love blogging and take steps to nurture that passion.

I have a huge love for fashion but I realised I hadn’t been doing anything to encourage it. I set up an account on Polyvore (join me here) and I’ve quickly become obsessed. Being able to create and style outfits so effortlessly has inspired me to write more about creating a minimal wardrobe and work harder at producing fashion based content.

Take A Break

We are not machines and daily blogging can be a tough slog. If you’re really struggling to produce content, trying to push through can permanently damage your passion for blogging. Sometimes it’s best to take a break - a serious proper break - instead of muddling through and producing mediocre content. If not posting at all feels a little scary then reduce your weekly posts. Set a deadline for when you’ll be back and take a little time off to recharge.

I intentionally reduced my posting schedule while I launched the new jewellery collection but quickly realised I needed to take a little more time out to refocus and rekindle my passion for blogging. Sometimes taking time out really is the best solution when you’ve fallen out of love with blogging.