Why I Started My Business and What It Means To Me

Why I Started My Business and What It Means To Me

This February marked my second year as self-employed and in August it will be Oh My Clumsy Heart’s fourth year of trading. Last year I wrote about how I quit my day job to become a full time jewellery designer; I get asked a lot of questions, which you can read the answers to here. Yet I’ve never really discussed why I started the business in the first place, how it has evolved, and what it means to me now several years on.

Why I Decided To Launch An Independent Jewellery Brand

I never really intended to set up a jewellery brand, it just happened.

Feeling frustrated with the lack of high-quality jewellery on the high street, I noticed a gap in the market for affordable jewellery made from fine metals with a clean and simple aesthetic. So I set out to create the brand I couldn’t find. I wanted to design, create, and produce jewellery that matched my love for classic style and minimal design at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

I started making the kind of jewellery I wanted to wear, real jewellery made from 14k gold and sterling silver. While the high street was making garish statement pieces or cheap costume jewellery, I set about working on a range that was not only affordable but wouldn’t turn your skin green or become unwearable after only a few months. It was all about quality and affordability. That’s when Oh My Clumsy Heart was born.

Why I Started My Business and What It Means To Me

How The Brand Evolved

Initially I was playing around with ideas, seeing what worked, trying new ways to make things people wanted to buy and then it became all about creating affordable high-quality jewellery in a very specific style; Oh My Clumsy Heart has evolved into so much more than that since then.

With my growing disdain for the nature of fast fashion where things are not made to last and consumers are encouraged to impulse buy only to discard things a few months later, I have become hugely passionate about slow fashion. This passion, to encourage people to make thoughtful purchases and be conscious with their buying, has spilled over and become the driving force behind the entire brand.

When you’re running your own business full time there needs to be a stronger driving force beyond just loving what you do and the things you’re creating; it becomes something bigger, more powerful than simply a creative pursuit.

What Oh My Clumsy Heart Stands For

It takes a while for independent businesses to build up the principles of what they stand for and the ethos by which they are run. While it took me four years to establish the values and practices by which Oh My Clumsy Heart is now run, these principles will only ever grow stronger as the business grows. I’m always working on ways it can improve both the products and services.

Oh My Clumsy Heart is about minimalism and slow fashion; its ethos is to create simple jewellery designed with an obsessive attention to detail using only fine metals, sold at a fair price. I go to great lengths to ensure the jewellery Oh My Clumsy Heart sells is kept at a fair price point without compromising on the quality of metals used, which means, if the jewellery is cared for properly, it can last a lifetime. Oh My Clumsy Heart is about quality over quantity; encouraging people to cherish the objects they own, take care of them, and wear them always. The brand is steeped in thoughtfulness, conscious production, and fair trade.