When Buying New Clothes

5 Things to Remember When Buying New Clothes

When you’re shopping for new additions to your minimal wardrobe there are three main things you must remember: you are not your dress size, vanity sizing is real, and there are no fashion rules - wear whatever makes you happy.

1. Don’t Shop The Sales (Without A List)

Sales are dangerous, they convince you the heavily discounted items on the rails are a bargain too good to ignore. If you don’t need a garment it’s not a bargain regardless of how much has been knocked off the retail price. If you’re looking for new pieces to add to your wardrobe shopping the sales is worthwhile but only if you take a list and remain headstrong with the purchases you make. If you don’t need anything, don’t shop the sales at all.

2. If It Doesn’t Make You Feel Great Don’t Buy It

If, in the changing rooms, you try on an item of clothing and don’t instantly think “yes, this feels great” - do not buy it. Every item in your wardrobe should bring you joy; don’t take home anything that you would not want to wear anytime, anywhere. It’s important to focus on fit and function; purchasing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and empowered. If you need to tug, adjust, pull, or wrestle with a garment to make it fit just right, it’s not the garment for you. Put it back on the hanger and walk out of the shop.

3. Always Check The Label

Price isn’t always an indicator of quality; ignore the price tag, touch the fabric, and always check the label. High quality fabrics do tend to be pricier - think: wool, cashmere, silk - but pricy clothes don’t automatically indicate quality (and cheap products don’t always mean poor quality.) Learning to feel for high quality fabrics and making sure you check the label for what materials have been used will make sure you’re paying for quality not branding.

4. Ignore The Size

Instead think about how you want a garment to fit, how it feels on your body, and whether you’re comfortable wearing it. Size labels for women are ridiculous; no two shops are alike and you are not your dress size. If you need to size up or size down it has no bearing on how you should feel about your body. Do not let a nondescript label dictate how you feel about yourself. If it really bothers you, cut the label out and forget about it.

5. Identify What Makes You Feel Good

You don’t need to listen to “fashion rules” to tell you what you “should” and “should not” be wearing. Learn the type of cuts and shapes that make you feel amazing and seek out clothing items in those styles. Developing personal style is the key to feeling confident and empowered by our fashion choices. Ignore the fashion advice telling you to opt for “flattering” pieces and focus on buying clothes that bring you joy.