A Studio Refresh

May 24, 2016

A Studio Refresh

In my attempts for a more minimal style of living I have been slowly working my way through a mass decluttering of our apartment; last week was the turn of my studio and I gave the space a lovely refresh. Clutter is so easily amassed and it’s not always quite so easy to get around to clearing it out.

I’m deliberating whether a move to a larger studio is on the cards so I’m reluctant to invest the time and effort into painting the walls white or hanging shelves just yet. I have, however, successfully cleansed the studio of all the outdated equipment and unnecessary clutter I bought with me when I moved in, and given it a little update with a couple of new additions.

A Studio Refresh

Round Tray TableOut There Interiors
Yamazaki Tosca Accessory Tray
Handmade Stoneware Dish

The first new addition to the studio is this round Scandi inspired table tray; I find myself positioning it wherever I need it since it's easy to manoeuvre and has multiple uses. The natural wood frame and raw metal top is lightweight and useful for propping up on the desk to create elevated space (great for positioning things out of the way but still in easy reach) and perfect for using as a textured background in photographs. It’s a handy prop to have for styling lifestyle shots and it’s been a great addition to the studio, plus it looks beautiful in photographs.

A Studio Refresh

Simple Table LampOut There Interiors
Yamazaki Tosca Jewellery Tree

This space always worked best as the ‘packing desk’ so the HP Sprout has been moved to the apartment and I tend to keep the small desk clear for packaging and stacking orders ready for delivery. Although I’ve cleared the space of all the unnecessaries I did add this beautiful simple table lamp, it’s the perfect choice for such a small spot; the copper, white metal, and flex compliment each other beautifully. It’s adjustable so I can get the light just where I need it and the size is compact enough that it doesn’t take up too much room or get in the way. I've also added a couple of pieces from the Yamazaki Tosca range including a jewellery tree for hanging finished pieces from; they add a homely touch to the studio and I love the combination of white metal and wood that matches the lamp.

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