A Minimal Work Wardrobe

A Look Inside My Minimal Work Wardrobe

Creating a work uniform within your minimal wardrobe is hugely beneficial for helping mornings run that little bit smoother.

I work in my studio and from home on a daily basis; it's important for me to have a set of work clothes that are comfortable and functional; a uniform that makes me feel professional, confident, and ready to tackle my work load. Since I'm self-employed and not dressing for a traditional work environment, I'm free to express my personal style. Theoretically I could spend all day in pajamas but that would be shockingly unprofessional; I like to express my style even if no one is going to see it and selecting clothes that get me in the right mindset for work is crucial for productivity. While I do not completely separate my work uniform from the rest of my wardrobe, there are certain items I prefer to wear only to work.

I typically rotate a handful of outfits on a weekly basis. I essentially wear the same uniform to work every day, switching in and out accessories and changing shoes, which means little to no decision-making in the mornings. I know every work outfit makes me feel good and gives me a confidence boost without distracting me from the work day ahead. Here is a little peek at what my minimal work wardrobe looks like.


Shirt dresses and smocks are my go-to choices, they are the easy to wear, convenient choice. I throw them on over a pair of tights and I'm good to go. I opt for cotton garments to keep cool in the warmer months and warm in the cool months. My favourites are all from Monki, I find their clothes are perfect for work and suit my personal style. I also throw on a jumper when the studio gets chilly, my favourite right now is the Psychic Readings Sweatshirt, so warm and cosy.

A Look Inside My Minimal Work Wardrobe


I work at a standing desk in the studio and typically run errands during the day; I need to be able to move around a lot so comfortable shoes are a must. It's usually a toss up between Dr Martens Polley Shoes - chunky yet appropriate - or Monki Chelsea Boots - more professional yet just as convenient. Although I can see myself throwing on a pair of sandals when the weather starts to heat up.


It's the old classic Kånken, mine is the Mini version and it's perfect for work. I can throw all my daily orders into it, take it to the post office, and use it to run errands. I love it so much I often take it out on day trips when I'm not at work. It looks tiny but there is plenty of room inside and the design is simple enough to remain a professional alternative to an oversized handbag.

A Look Inside My Minimal Work Wardrobe


My favourite frames are these vintage two-tone glasses and I like to wear the explorer inspired Shore Projects Barra Watch while in the studio. What kind of jewellery designer would I be if I didn't wear my own jewellery every day? I typically wear a Giant Triangle Necklace, it's an "understated statement piece" - the size makes an impression yet the design is so simple. Although I've been opting for a more delicate choice recently and have been switching between the Needle Necklace and Coin Necklace.