Simple Rules For Simpler Living

May 17, 2016

Simple Rules For Simpler Living

Simplifying life is a process and not something that happens quickly. It’s about identifying what’s important and eliminating everything else. Minimal living means different things to different people. For me it’s about limiting stuff, getting rid of clutter, freeing up time, enjoying life and work in a more simplified way that enriches my life.

Here are a few simple rules that may help you achieve a more simple way of living.

1 | Identify your goals
2 | Evaluate your priorities
3 | Free up time by eliminating unnecessary habits
4 | Live life with intention
5 | Know what is important and what is not
6 | Create a schedule or routine
7 | Eat simply and slowly
8 | Declutter your life
9 | Get rid of stuff
10 | Edit your wardrobe
11 | Wear the same thing every day
12 | Give everything a place
13 | Organise your files
14 | Adopt money-saving habits
15 | Limit your consumption (of media and things)
16 | Prioritise quality over quantity
17 | Take pleasure in your work
18 | Enjoy where you are in life right now
19 | Focus on self-awareness
20 | Spend time with people you love
21 | Treat people the way you would like to be treated
22 | Find a way to destress
23 | Enjoy simple pleasures
Simple Rules For Simpler Living

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