The Private Life of a Girl: An Update

June 27, 2016

The Private Life of a Girl: An Update

A lot of things have changed around here lately and I'm trying to rediscover my approach to blogging; my rules for blogging never change even if the content does. After a long stretch of writer's block (maybe content fatigue, most likely burnout) I've been craving more clarity and attempting to define this space a little better both in my head and across the site.

I feel much more comfortable with The Private Life of a Girl being a "minimal lifestyle blog." I've been concentrating on teaching myself to be more self-aware, paying closer attention to my wellbeing - both mental and physical - and trying to live a simpler lifestyle. Alongside that, my shop is demanding a lot of attention right now; it's all had an impact on what I'm passionate about and most excited to share with you.

After three years, things change and it always feels good to lean into that change instead of fighting against it. There are three major areas I want to focus on: minimal living, minimal style, and creativity online. There will still be beauty recommendations, book reviews, podcasts and travel updates, I just want to make the purpose of this space a little clearer and more practical to those who visit.

As always, thank you for reading.

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