The Top 20 Blog Posts Of The Past Year

June 23, 2016

The Top 20 Blog Posts Of The Past Year

The Private Life of a Girl turned 3 on May 27th and since a lot has changed since 2013, I thought I would share with you the most popular posts of the past year. I wrote a year in review and what to expect from The Private Life of a Girl in 2016 back in January; slow fashion and minimal living have taken precedent with a focus on more in-depth content and looking at the traffic, it's obvious this has been a popular decision. Here are the top 20 most read posts, in no particular order:

1 | True Crime Podcasts
2 | Smart Money-Saving Habits
3 | How I Plan A Year In Advance
4 | The Secret To Sleeping Better
5 | 23 Practical Self-Improvement Tips

6 | How To Create A Media Kit
7 | 7 Tips For A Happier Work-Life Balance
8 | 18 Essential Updates That Will Improve Your Blog
9 | 9 Ideas For What To Do With Empty Notebooks
10 | 3 Ways To Create A Productive Desk
11 | 7 Ways To Live A More Creative Life
12 | How To Create A Bullet Journal

13 | A Guide To Starting A Minimal Wardrobe
14 | The Principles Of Building A Minimal Wardrobe
15 | 5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring
16 | How To Build A Wardrobe On A Budget
17 | How To Create A Cohesive Wardrobe
18 | The Problem With Capsule Wardrobes
19 | Practical Shoes For A Minimal Wardrobe
20 | The Best Summer Make-Up Products

I’d love for you to share with me your favourite post or series that you have enjoyed reading.

The Top 20 Blog Posts Of The Past Year

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