Week Notes #74

Week Notes

Links Worth Clicking:
» Curried Spiced Cashew Nuts
» Why white people don't use white emoji
» Talking about body confidence
» Tiny paper flowers
» What makes a good life?
» Confessions of a Snapchat influencer
» Carrie's blog is just stunning
» Everlane offered international shipping this week. Did you buy anything?
» Krist Soup has an awesome YouTube channel
» Boob mugs. Say no more.
» What's your forever jewellery?
» The beautiful Faroe Islands
» Do you have a kitchen rulebook?
» Minimalist aquariums
» Elderflower tea is perfect for a summer day
» The Paris floods
» What women over 30 should wear
» Dramatic portraits of fish
» Some days you just have nothing

Podcasts Worth Listening To:
» A Playful Day