Week Notes #75

June 26, 2016

Week Notes #75

Links Worth Clicking:
» We're leaving and I'm heartbroken (but this might help)
» Going freelance won't solve your problems
» 7 Reasons I disagree with Marie Kondo
» How to create a super successful lifestyle blog
» 17 grammar mistakes you should stop worrying about (maybe)
» Colourful food matched to Pantone shades
» Why lab beakers are brilliant
» Kensal Green Cemetery in black and white
» Sunspring, a short science fiction movie written entirely by AI
» Sushi doughnuts
» Fake it until you make it
» Star filled envelope
» Creating a strong mission statement
» Vintage illustrations of Homer’s Iliad
» Considering a more ethical closet
» Behind the screen: photography tips
» Don't quit and become a business coach
» The balance between cosy and minimal
» Midleading thumbnails
» Consumer self-knowledge
» Curate your life
» Creepy cakes
» Lipsticks with flowers inside

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