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Decorating With Minimalist Art

Onu Dark/Dash Print*
Liz Mosley Adventure Print

Despite not being the case, minimalist homes are often thought to be sparse and barren; creating a gallery wall adds personality and transforms white walls into something beautiful. Displaying minimal prints or artwork is a great way of expressing and supporting a minimal aesthetic that's neither bland nor boring, and turns a minimal living space into a wonderful expression of its occupants personality.

The gallery in our apartment features a mix of artwork (both originals and prints) created by our favourite artists; muted colours and black and white art graces our walls. We like to keep things relatively minimal including abstract shapes, like this Dark/Dash Print* by Onu, and typography prints like the Adventure Print by Liz Mosley. Propped against a wall (because we're not entirely sure where to hang it yet) is a huge black and white map of Birmingham, custom made by Mapiful. We also have a rather large collection of Faye Moorhouse originals, not exactly minimal in style but certainly complementary to the large expanse of white walls in our apartment.

Decorating With Minimalist Art

Mapiful Birmingham Map Print*

Decorating a home with artwork and prints is very much a case of personal taste; the best gallery walls are personal, meaningful, and an expression of the person who purchased them. Minimalist prints always look beautiful wherever they are hung since they gracefully blend in with their surroundings, making them ideal for any home. My suggestions on where to buy artwork? Seek out individual artists, illustrators, and designers and purchase their work online; original artwork is always preferable to prints and seeking out artists whose work you love and admire is the best way of creating a living space full of art you can enjoy.

Here are a few suggestions on where to buy minimalist art for your home:
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Honeymoon Hotel
The Lovely Drawer
Onu Design
People I've Loved
V&A Shop