Minimal Bathroom Styling Tips

Minimal Bathroom Styling Tips

Bathrooms are spaces for cleanliness and relaxation, keeping this space clean, tidy, and fresh feeling is crucial for making the space inviting and comfortable. Styling a minimal bathroom can be a challenge, it requires a well-thought out space to create a balance between function and style. A minimal bathroom displays essential products as if they were decoration in a way that keeps the space uncluttered while remaining inviting. Here are three tips for styling a minimal bathroom of your own:

Keep It Simple

If you want to stick to a minimal style, keep things simple; stick to a calming neutral colour palette, declutter the shelves and cabinet space, and give everything a place. Making sure a bathroom is neat and tidy is key to styling a minimal bathroom; limit bulky storage units and avoid having excess products and appliances out on display. Limit your grooming supplies, pack up any non-essentials or "only occasionally used" products and store them away outside of the bathroom. Optimise the space you have by using discreet storage and limited furniture and decor.

Make Use Of Dead Space

Under the sink or next to the bath, make use of this otherwise “dead space” by squeezing storage units, laundry baskets, or tall stands into them. “Hiding” storage in spaces that otherwise go unused is a great way of maximising the storage space of the room without running the risk of cluttering it up. If space is really tight, get creative; a tiny stool next to the bath works fabulously for bathroom essentials or for displaying decorative items, likewise for under the sink or next to the toilet. Corner shelves make use of that wasted corner space and maximise storage.

A Little Decoration

Glass pots from finished candles look pretty when reused to hold cotton wool pads and buds or make-up brushes while using wire baskets to store bathroom essentials will tidy up shelves to make them look neater. A clean scented candle and carefully folded and stacked towels will make a bathroom look and smell a little more homely, and a couple of plants that thrive in damp, humid conditions look beautiful on top of cabinets or on the bath’s edge. Little touches make all the difference and create a welcoming, relaxing bathroom.