Skincare For Minimalists

Skincare For Minimalists

The minimalist approach to skincare is about streamlining our routine to make it as dynamic and effective as possible with only the most necessary products. It’s important to learn what works for our skin type and be consistent with our routine, which means not bombarding our skin with countless products or switching them up too regularly.

Streamlining our beauty supplies and maintaing a simple routine will prevent our skin from becoming stressed, damaged, or overloaded; it allows us to fall into a simplistic daily rhythm that maintains the health of our skin to keep it looking vibrant and nourished.

Minimalist skincare doesn’t have to mean “all natural” organic products from brands you’ve barely even heard of. You can, and should, stick to the brands and products that you know work for you and your skin type. It also doesn’t mean you have to banish all but the minimum essentials from your bathroom shelf; it’s useful to have and keep hold of treatments you only need to use occasionally but are important for treating skincare complaints.

Skincare For Minimalists

A Minimalist Skincare Routine

This is just a suggestion, a little guideline of a routine; do what works best for you.

In the Morning
· Wash face with warm water; do not cleanse or treat
· Apply sunscreen
· Moisturise

In the Evening
· Double cleanse
· Treat skin (if required)
· Moisturise

Once a Week
· Exfoliate the skin
· Deep cleanse with a face mask
· Intensely treat for any skin issues