Week Notes #76

July 10, 2016

Week Notes #76

Links Worth Clicking
· Boston Dynamics make the best robots
· Stop trying to save wild animals
· Easy to care for houseplants
· Business burnout and how to deal with it
· Don't buy into a Pinterest course (or any online course)
· A bookmark that turns into a lamp
· Miniature drones
· Atlas Obscura: the book
· An illustrated guide to caring for house plants
· Book Marks
· Colour and minimalism
· The creative world's bullsh*t complex
· The advice gold rush
· If your jeans cost less than this, you've got a problem
· We need to use the word "healthy" carefully
· Your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply

Podcasts Worth Listening To
· UNTOLD: The Daniel Morgan Murder
· All Killa No Filla
· This American Life: Mind Games

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