Week Notes #79 - Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.

· Ghent University's vocabulary test
· Web design is losing its soul
· Age is not an unbeatable hurdle
· Instagram for Windows 95
· Bottle opening silverware
· Minimal offices by Finnish Design Shop
· Now open: Kirby Cafe!
· Cat celebrites
· What happened to Barb?
· Nils Olav has become a brigadier
· Missing Stranger Things? Liten to this
· Top 10 Brands (according to millennials)
· Overcoming obsessive shopping
· Financially-stupid things we do for beauty
· How to organise your spices
· DIY gold foil notebooks
· A museum of miniature architectural models
· A recipe for cherry vanilla soda
· Storage ideas for small apartments
· An interview with Patrick Hardisona face transplant patient
· My ideas are great, I think
· Simpsons fan creates disturbing couch gag
· Small bathrooms, big style

· The Broad Experience: Inside the Beauty Business
· An Uncluttered Life: What an Uncluttered Life Looks Like (Money)
· Strangers: Love Hurts: One Year Later
· Criminal: The Editor