Mindful Blogging: How To Be A Conscious Blogger

Mindful Blogging: How To Be A More Conscious Blogger

As bloggers we have a duty, as trusted sources of information, to share open, honest, and transparent experiences; to be mindful of the brands we promote, the products we endorse, and the information we share. To be a conscious blogger is to be cautious of how we use our voice to contribute to the community, and whether that contribution is positive and ethical.

This post is less about the ethics of blogging and instead about how to be more conscious with our actions, more aware of the brands we support and endorse as bloggers, and increasingly mindful of our influence so that we might encourage a positive lifestyle.

Be Mindful Of Brands We Endorse

Be mindful of the collaborations you accept, the brands you promote, and the products you advertise. Research the brand, their morals and values, and whether those are something you would want to be associated with as a blogger.

Affiliate links and sponsored posts are a fine way of monetising your blog but remember whenever you link to a product, promote a brand, or endorse a service you’re effectively saying you agree with their principles, morals, and values. That includes the way they conduct business, the treatment of their workers, manufacturing methods, and final products.

A lot of mainstream brands steal designs from independent designers, don’t pay their workers fair wages, and have questionable manufacturing policies; when you promote these shops, you’re saying you’re OK with that.

Make sure everything you promote, you can do so with pride.

Avoid Promoting Excess

Blogging and gifting is a troubled area for minimalists and promoting consumerism and excess should be something we are all conscious of as bloggers. Being content with what we already own is a positive change we should encourage others to embrace. Being mindful of the products we buy and accept as gifts is a small step we can take to promoting a more positive attitude towards consumerism.

Avoid promoting excess or supporting consumer culture and sharing “hauls.” Instead, encourage a positive lifestyle change through mindfulness and contentment with the things we already own.

Be A Champion Of Change

When we love a product or a brand it's nice to share that without expectations; we do it all the time offline, sharing our recent discoveries and recommendations with friends - so why are we so reluctant to do that online?

While I completely agree no one should work for free, I also feel bloggers have a tendency to over estimate their worth; it's gotten to a stage where bloggers expect money or free gifts for everything, even a mere mention of a product online is expected to be compensated.

Support those that need supporting - and do it out of kindness. Independents are often the pioneers of change and champions for good practices yet have a tough time competing with the budgets of big brands; they often have no budget at all. A (re)tweet, mention, or comment goes a long way and it will also often get you on the radar of the brand.

Be a champion of change: support independents, buy handmade, and share online.

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Mindful Blogging: How To Be A More Conscious Blogger