Week Notes #82: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.

Exciting News! Everlane is shipping internationally during November. I'm frequently asked how I get my hands on Everlane's clothing and it's only during these very brief periods where they offer worldwide shipping that you can place an order; but, if you vote for your country, you can help bring Everlane permanently to your country! So VOTE NOW.

A little Halloween Prize Draw is going on over at Oh My Clumsy Heart. Every 13th person to the guest list will win a treat box and if you're already a guest lister, you can enter by creating an account. (Or do both and increase your chances of winning!) Read all the details here.


· Social Menopause
· Making new friends as an adult
· How to choose the right necklace length
· Girlfriend is giving away their leggings
· Origami pumpkin box
· DIY embroidery cactus purse
· Is our world a simulation?
· Why trash talking doesn't help
· Pickle recipes
· Cats who live in shops in Hong Kong
· Are you choosing the right friends?
· Decluttering epiphanies to change your life
· How stuff has consumed us
· The oppressive gospel of minimalism
· Everlane is offering international shipping again!
· How to tie a blanket scarf
· Why I hate calling myself a minimalist
· What is enough?
· Enter the Halloween Prize Draw


· Up and Vanished