The One Habit We Should All Adopt

December 09, 2016

The One Habit We Should All Adopt
The One Habit We Should All Adopt   The One Habit We Should All Adopt

We have to do something every day for sixty-six days to form a habit and make new behaviour automatic. One habit we should all be committed to is eating healthier. Kelly Angood has created a fruit calendar for 2017 to do just that.

While you develop a healthy lifestyle habit, you can build a design collection from the stickers in your fruit bowl; once you start looking for them, you'll start noticing the "hidden masterpieces of design in everyday life." Designed and printed in the UK, the silkscreen wall chart is created with a minimalist style and lots of white space used to highlight the intricacies of each sticker.

Using this calendar is a good excuse to eat healthier each day and build a collection of design from everyday life to display on your wall. Support the Kickstarter or buy a calendar, and share your finds on Instagram.

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