Week Notes #86: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


· I now have a Depop account!
· Japanese and Scandinavian decor
· DIY pom pom bracelet
· Stained glass succulents
· Opt Out: a simple manifesto
· Episode 4: Black Mirror
· Storage ideas for Christmas decorations
· 47 of the most popular Vegan recipes
· Minimal living and what it really means
· Let 2017 be the year of working hard and resting hard
· Waste reduction: all or nothing?
· Skeletons in the closet
· Minimalist images with LEGO
· Money talk with one of my favourite brand's Elizabeth Suzann
· 30 days to zero waste


· The Power of Less by Leo Babauta
· Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Ella Morton, and Dylan Thuras


· Forks Over Knives